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🚀 Cyber_Magazine - an innovative e-commerce platform based on neural networks blockchain.

Cyber_shop trades using cryptocurrencies using smart contracts on the blockchain, which allows you to safely and conveniently make transactions. #cybermarketplace represents global trade without borders where artificial intelligence is integrated into the shopping experience, offering personalized recommendations and easy navigation.

#Cyber_Magazine is not just another online store;

it is a digital haven where trade knows no bounds. As the world's first real cyber store, it rethinks the global exchange of goods and services. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional commerce and discover a world where innovation meets accessibility. Cyber_shop is a space where transparency reigns. There is no place for marketing gimmicks and deception here.

Join the cyber evolution with the Cyber_Store module from dDigitalgene. This is an innovative platform that will help you grow your business, improve quality of life, and stimulate economic growth. Thanks to the #Cyber_Store module, you will be able to sell products and services, make safe deals, use transactions to interact with a global audience. You will also get additional online earning opportunities with tokens and participation in the blockchain neural network partner program #dDigitalgene. Use Cyber_shop to change the future of your business and become part of the cyber commerce trend.

There was a time when to succeed in the developing world you needed a flag, a carefully delimited border, an airline, and a despotic leader with many foreign bank accounts.

Before that, the world was largely a feudal kingdom with many self-proclaimed leaders. Today it's time for a new story.

A new type of marketplace, a new paradigm for exchange, 'based' on neural blockchain networks. Imagine e-commerce accessible to absolutely everyone. Commerce based on principles such as:

  • Entrepreneurs' integrity. Absolutely fair competition, commerce where you don't have to be the best, feel free to be who you are, real, without marketing tricks and falsehoods.
  • The choice of only the necessary conditions, services, products, solutions. The choice is based on the history of public transactions, which forms the social rating of the seller entrepreneur.
  • Making transactions instantly, decentralized, automatically.
  • Guarantee to keep funds in your wallet - no one has access to it. State control, special services? Forget it. You only control your wallet.
  • The ability to publicly and promptly adjust business processes without tedious analytics and the work of a marketing team. Imagine it?
Then discover the Ddigitalgene platform, which strictly adheres to all these principles. The platform offers reliable tools in neural blockchain networks that allow you (20.03.2023) to start a new business that corresponds to the information age of the 21st century.

What tools will you find in D-Gen:

  1. Cyber TV. Ideal conditions for content creators - video, audio or text.
  2. D-Gen - a flawless brand promotion tool.
  3. Cyber trading platforms - completely new with unlimited marketing opportunities.
  4. Cyber voting. From evaluating products or services to social and political processes, cyber voting is honest, transparent, simple. Tokenization is the future we live in now and make it more accessible and perfect together. Join D-Gen, create or buy unique content, take advantage of all the possibilities of the blockchain, share your ideas - only now is your future really in your hands.

Media article

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